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Max’s captivating voice and versatile range bring life to characters in films, animations, and more. With an unmatched passion for storytelling, Max delivers exceptional voice acting that immerses audiences in every project. Ready to elevate your production with Max’s unique vocal talents? Contact today to discuss your project and bring your vision to life.



    German Voice Actor

    For projects needing an individual with a high degree of professionalism and charisma, Max is the perfect voice actor to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently. 

    Max is an experienced German voice actor and recording studio owner based aus Nürnberg, Germany. As a professional male voice actor, he has worked with clients from Nürnberg and beyond to provide tailored audio performances that capture the essence of their creative vision. With access to multiple recording studios, Max strives to deliver high-quality results for each project he takes on. 

    Services Offered by Max

    Voice Acting

    Max is an experienced voice actor who can bring your project to life through his vocal performance. He is adept at commercial, animation, radio play, and podcast voicing. With Max’s professional know-how and creative flair, he will ensure that your project receives the perfect vocal delivery. His extraordinary talent and expertise in this field make him the ideal choice for any type of production.

    Recording Studio Access

    Max has access to a range of recording studios in Germany and Europe, providing you with the perfect atmosphere for your project. He prides himself on finding the ideal setting for your needs, ensuring that all sound elements are precisely captured and edited to perfection. With this extensive selection of studios at his disposal, Max guarantees you a professional result without compromising on quality.

    Audio Editing/Post Production

    Max provides the full package of audio services, taking projects from concept to completion. He is an audio editing and post-production expert, offering professional equalization and mastering to bring his clients’ creations to life. In addition, he also offers voiceover work for a wide range of applications. With Max’s help, any project can shine!

    Services Offered by Max Wellner
    German voice actor from Nurnberg

    Max: German voice actor from Nürnberg

    His signature style is precise and expressive, revealing a unique ability to bring any character to life. From comic books to cartoons, video games to films, his work has thrilled audiences around the globe with its authenticity and emotion. Here are some of the advantages of having Max as your voice actor:

    1. Professionalism

    Max is a professional in the voice-acting industry. With his experience, he provides outstanding performances every time he steps into the booth. He takes great care to ensure that each project meets and exceeds clients’ expectations, paying attention to even the smallest details for a polished, high-quality result. Max always puts forth his best effort, resulting in an outstanding performance that is sure to please.

    2. Versatility

    Max is renowned for his versatility and impressive range as a voice actor. Additionally, he can take on various roles and characters, making him an invaluable part of any project. 

    3. Emotion

    Max is great at expressing emotion through his voice acting. He has a knack for transforming into any character and bringing out the feelings of that character’s story.

    Why do you need to select Max as your voice actor?

    With many years of experience, Max brings professionalism and expertise to every project. His warm and natural voice style is perfect for commercials, explainer videos, e-learning courses, and more. He’s known for having great versatility in both character voices and dialects. Here are some services offered by Max:

    1. Character Voices:

    Max is an experienced voice actor who specializes in creating unique character voices for animated films and video games. His vocal range allows him to provide a dynamic array of characters capable of embodying any persona imaginable. He can bring life to each character with his detailed performances, ensuring they are as vibrant and interesting as possible. Max can give these characters the perfect voice to fit their mood and story, whether it’s a villainous cackle or a heroic proclamation.

    3. Voice artist:

    Max is an experienced voice actor, capable of adapting his vocal delivery to match the visuals on screen or in animation. He has great control over his tones, inflections, and pacing when reading a script out loud, enabling him to bring characters to life through verbal expression. His skill set also allows him to read with clarity, even at faster-than-normal paces. In addition, he can create unique voices for every character he portrays. It makes Max an invaluable asset in media production that involves sound work.

    Why do you need to select Max as your voice actor
    Audio Post Production

    4. Audio Post-Production:

    He provides a wide range of audio post-production services, such as editing, mixing, and mastering. He has the experience and knowledge to transform raw audio into a finalized product that meets your standards. Max will ensure it sounds how you envisioned it, whatever the project may be. With his professional skill set, he’ll bring your project to life with quality sound engineering. Get in touch with him today for all of your audio post-production needs!

    5. Language Adaptation:

    Max is an accomplished voice actor specializing in language adaptation services. He can provide dubbing, translation, and localization services to help your project reach a wider audience. His fluency in different languages makes him the perfect choice for international projects. Not only will he ensure accuracy when conveying the message of your content, but also a high-quality audio result. With Max on board, you can be sure that your projects will be polished and sound professional in any language!

    Selecting Max as your voice actor ensures that you will receive the highest quality product with exceptional delivery promptly. His many years of experience make him ideal for bringing your project to life. He is committed to providing top-notch service and delivering excellent results each time. Contact him today to find out how he can help make your next project successful!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Voice Actor 

    Q. What kind of voice acting does Max specialize in?

    A. Max is an experienced voice actor specializing in creating unique character voices for animated films and video games and providing language adaptation services such as dubbing, translation, and localization. He also offers audio post-production services such as editing, mixing, and mastering.

    Q. What is the process for working with Max as a voice actor?

    A. To work with Max, get in touch with him to discuss your project and provide any necessary details, such as the desired turnaround time or budget. You are provided an estimated cost and timeline to plan accordingly. After completing this initial step, all left is to sit back and let Max bring your project to life!

    Q. What makes Max stand out from other voice actors?

    A. His passion for performing and extensive vocal range allows him to provide dynamic characters that bring stories to life. He can also localize and dub content to reach a wider international audience. Furthermore, his background in audio production makes him an ideal choice for any project that requires post-production services. All of these qualities make Max stand out from other voice actors.

    Q: What is a Voice Actor?

    A: A voice actor is a performer whose specialty is to deliver vocal performances for various forms of media, such as movies, TV shows, video games, and more. They use their distinct voices to bring characters to life and tell stories with great emotion and expression. With the help of voice actors, audiences can connect to the characters on an emotional level that would not be possible without them. 

    Q: How much does it cost to hire a voice actor?

    A: The price of hiring a voice actor varies depending on the actor’s level of experience, location, the project’s duration, and other related factors. It is important to consider all these elements when deciding how much to pay for a professional voice-acting performance. For example, an experienced voice actor with a studio in a major city will likely cost more than one just starting or working from home.

    Q: What should I look for when hiring a voice actor?

    A: When hiring a voice actor, it’s important to consider their experience level and vocal range. It is also beneficial to listen to some of their recorded samples before making a decision. Lastly, consider their turnaround time and any other requirements they might have to produce quality results.

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